All Q&A about Telepathy Advertising.

Is Telepathy Advertising really effective?

Telepathy Advertising drives consumers’ attitude like every other kind of advertising. Even if the message goes under the consciousness level it doesn’t influence behaviors with force. Receivers are always free to take the message or not.

Could any consuption good be promoted trough Telepathy Advertising?

Of course, but for ethic or legal reasons we avoid the delivering of political messages, pornography or every other content which can upset consumers’ mind.

Which is the best timing to send a campaign?

There isn’t a time which is by far the best. Every campaign is planned on time when the product is likely to be consumed or purchased.
Our strategic and creative departments plan telepathic flights in order to get the best results on client’s objectives.

How much time lasts every telepathic session?

Every sending session lasts from 60 seconds to 3 minutes. It depends on message complexity and number of flights.

Which targets are reached through Telepathy Advertising?

With Telepathy Advertising you can reach the 100% of your target on geographical basis. The message arrives while people are awake and asleep.

Is possible to contact a specific target?

At the moment is possible to send telepathic messages on specific geographical areas (cities, region, nations). Is not possible to split receivers on variable characteristics such as age or gender.

Which are the conditions that can affect the quality of telepathic signals?

Violent weather conditions (thunderstorms, hail etc.) blunt Theta waves and the effectiveness of telepathic signals, as high social and psycho-emotional stresses during natural disasters, terroristic attacks, civil wars etc. For these reasons we always guarantee a back-up sending after unexpected bad events.

Are there any contraindications on receivers’ health?

Scientific researches on receivers have well-defined the harmless of Telepathy Advertising techniques. Messages reception doesn’t break people’s concentration and doesn’t lead to CNS pathologies.

Which is the budget for a Telepathy Advertising campaign?

Every campaign costs are related to telepathic techniques requested and the geographic area of interest.
Write to info@telepathyadv.com for a detailed estimation.