Telepathy Advertising designs and spreads messages through two different departments.

Strategic and creative dept

Thanks to our scientific and experimental message sending know-how, the dynamics of reception and the ability of our telepathic team we offer:

  • CreativityDevelopment of telepathic scripts to raise message effectiveness.

  • PlanningOn geographical bases (cities, regions, national area) and time to identify the best timing for message delivery (telepathic sessions are organized on target activity: sleeping time, working or free time moments).

  • Message optimizationEmotional and rational effectiveness improved for all clients’ campaigns.

  • SkillsSelection of the most appropriate telepathic resources for every advertising field.

Telepathic dept

A mother language telepathic team is able to send polysensorial messages to consumers on national field.

  • Verbal
  • Visual
  • Polysensorial
  • tactile
  • location aware

Our team is made by five telepaths
able to deliver with low noise levels.